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3.3.3.p. Procedure: Southeastern Technical College Use of Auditorium Facilities


Southeastern Technical College provides two auditoriums for usage by agencies, businesses, industries, schools, organizations, groups, and individuals, within the guidelines and procedures approved by the College.


The auditoriums shall not be utilized:

  • for any purpose or activity that is in violation of federal, state or local laws;
  • by any group which espouses a political, social, economic or other doctrine that is contrary to the Constitution of the State of Georgia or the Constitution of the United States of America;
  • for any purpose or activity that is in violation of any other policy of the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia or the Local Board of Directors;
  • for any activity which is disharmonious with the moral and ethical standards of the local communities as determined by a vote of the Local Board of Directors;
  • by any group, who, through previous utilization of the auditorium(s), has demonstrated a disregard for proper care of the facility, safety procedures or other rules and regulations promulgated for the use of the auditorium(s) or other college facilities;
  • for any mass marketing effort in which the individual or group seeking utilization of the facility has no established local presence and therefore has diminished capability to provide prompt and effective warranty claim service for products and services offered.

All organizations requesting to use one or both auditoriums must complete the application process and pay fees due.

The College maintains an Auditorium website for prospective patrons and the community with information regarding upcoming events including dates and times of the events, along with any fees associated with the event, how to purchase tickets for the event, and seating charts. The web page also lists equipment available to prospective renters along with Auditorium Rental Information form that describes the rental process in detail, and Guidelines and Contract form.

The fee schedule will be reviewed periodically by the Local Board of Directors and may be adjusted with recommendation of the Board.

The President reserves the right to waive user fees for functions sanctioned by the Technical College System of Georgia.

The website concerning utilization of the Auditoriums can be found at: Southeastern Technical College Auditoriums

Adopted: June 25, 2009
Reviewed: July 16, 2018; July 15, 2019; July 22, 2020;