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3.3.1.p. Procedure: Southeastern Technical College Traffic and Parking


Southeastern Technical College (STC) has full authority to enforce traffic regulations.  These regulations are designed to make traffic and parking on campus as safe and convenient as possible.  The regulations apply to students, College employees, and visitors.

Campus Parking Procedures

Motor vehicles privately owned and operated on the College campus by students, staff, and faculty must be registered with the College.  The Division of Student Affairs will issue a parking permit as evidence of campus registration. All students must register their vehicles with the College.  Failure to comply will result in a citation.

Users of the college parking lots will be issued one permit at no expense; however, there will be a $5.00 charge for lost permitss.  Inform the appropriate office when a vehicle is sold so it can be removed from your account.

Faculty and staff will be issued a parking permit.  The parking permit is to be displayed on the rearview mirror with the permit number facing out.

Students will be issued a parking permit. The parking permit is to be displayed on the rearview mirror with the permit number facing out.

Parking Regulations

All persons parking on Southeastern Technical College property are expected to follow parking regulations. Failure to do so may result in fines, towing at owner's expense, or revocation of parking privileges.

  • Park in designated parking areas.
  • Parked vehicles may not impede the flow of traffic and must be located entirely within the boundaries of a lined parking space.
  • Restrictions on handicapped parking, time limited spaces, loading zones, no parking zones, and fire lanes will be observed at all times.
  • Motor vehicles may not be driven or parked on sidewalks or grassed areas.
  • STC reserves the right to reserve or restrict parking for special events.  Such reservation or restriction may be accomplished by the direction of Safety/Security personnel or by the posting of barricades or other signage. Vehicles parked in violation of such direction or postings are subject to fine and towing at owner's expense.
  • Parking permits are non-transferable.  The permits must be affixed only to the vehicles for which they are registered.
  • Regardless of how many vehicles are registered in any one name, only one at a time is allowed to park on campus.
  • Upon change of vehicle ownership, termination of association with STC, revocation of parking privileges, or receipt of a permit, which supersedes a prior permit, parking permits must be removed from the vehicle.
  • The person in whose name the vehicle is registered at Southeastern Tech shall be responsible for all violations at Southeastern Tech.
  • Removal of, or tampering with, any STC parking or traffic signs will result in issuance of a fine and/or criminal prosecution.
  • Operators of vehicles emitting excessive noise or being operated in a reckless manner are subject to fine.
  • Vehicles may not be stored on campus without the written permission of the Department of Safety and Security.  Any vehicle remaining stationary for more than three days will be considered a stored vehicle and will be subject to towing at the owner's expense.

Parking Lots

Southeastern Technical College's Vidalia campus has two designated parking lots totaling 632 parking spaces. The Swainsboro campus has five designated parking lots totaling 530 parking spaces. Ample parking is available for all STC students. Neighboring businesses have asked that we prevent STC students from parking in their parking lots. This is because they need these spaces for their customers. STC students should park in STC parking lots only.

Handicapped Parking

The campus has limited space reserved for handicapped drivers. These spaces are to be utilized by persons with an approved handicapped license plate or permit. A temporary permit may be issued and requires a doctor's letter describing the severity and expected end date.


The Department of Safety and Security is responsible for enforcement of the parking regulations.  Citations for violations of regulations, signs, and markings may be issued at the scene of the violation or by mail. Parking regulations are in effect 24 hours a day. Violators can be prosecuted and are subject to penalties and fines as imposed by Southeastern Tech, county, and state law. Students may also lose the privilege of bringing a vehicle onto the campus. Failure to obey parking regulations may lead to an automobile being towed at the owner's expense.

Violations and Fines

Students, staff and faculty shall be liable for the following fines and violations:

  • Failure to display STC parking permit/Not registered for permit;
  • Parking permit not properly displayed;
  • Parking unregistered vehicles;
  • Unauthorized use of, or altering, permits;
  • Parking outside permitted areas;
  • Parking/driving on grass, walking areas, shrubs or lawns;
  • Parking or blocking, fire lanes, parking spaces, or loading zones;
  • Parking in illegal, restricted, or reserved zones;
  • Parking adjacent to yellow curb or an area with a no parking sign;
  • Failure to stop at a stop sign;
  • Failure to obey traffic signs, special parking space markings, directional arrows;
  • Speeding/Exceeding the posted speed limit;
  • Parking in a Disabled Area, without a GA disabled permit or tag, could result in a fine up to $100.00 and/or towing at owner's expense and/or loss of parking privileges.  Proper permit or tag must be displayed; and
  • Any other violations of county and state laws.

Parking Violations Fines

Violations such as No Campus Parking Permit, Parking in a Restricted Space other than Handicapped, Blocking a Driveway, Speeding, etc., will result in a fine of $10.00 for each violation.

If an individual receives three or more citations, the fines will be doubled for the remainder of the student's enrollment beginning with the third citation.

First offense fine for parking in handicapped parking space is $25.00; second is $50.00; and third offense is $100, respectively.

Parking tickets should be brought to the Student Affairs receptionist in the Administrative Building immediately for the Vidalia campus. For the Swainsboro campus, the parking tickets should be brought to the business office. Tickets should be cleared during the term received to preclude delays in registration, processing of transcript requests, graduation requests, and etc.

Failure to pay fines or appeals within the time limit will result in placing a hold on student records. Students whose records are frozen may not register at any time in the future until the financial obligation is fulfilled. Fines may be mailed or paid in person. Fines should be paid in cash, cashier's check, or money order. All fines are due by the end of the term in which the fine was issued.

Fines are subject to be increased or raised without notice.

Hours of Permitted Parking

The hours of operations of Southeastern Technical College are Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. No students will be permitted on Campus or in the College buildings after 10:00 p.m. except when special official college functions take place.

No vehicle will be permitted to park in the roadways, driveways, or grass areas; roadways are intended for traffic movement. Vehicles abandoned on College property will be towed at the owner's expense. Parking is prohibited on the College grounds between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., except for authorized vehicles.

Personal Property

The College will not assume responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of a student's, staff member's, or visitor's personal property brought on campus.  If loss, theft or damage does occur, notify Security immediately.

Towing and Impoundment

STC reserves the right to have any vehicle towed and impounded which is not authorized to park on college property, constitutes a hazard, blocks loading zones, or impedes vehicular or pedestrian traffic.  The costs of towing and impoundment will be the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle.  STC disclaims any responsibility for damage or losses that may result from towing or impoundment.

General Information

  • A parking permit does not guarantee you a place to park.  It only gives you the right to park on STC property in designated areas, as space is available.  Plan your time so that you have a few extra minutes to locate a parking space.
  • Park at your own risk.  STC assumes no responsibility for your vehicle or its contents while it is on campus property.
  • Lock your vehicle and keep valuable items out of sight.  If you need to store something, place it in your trunk.
  • In case of unavoidable circumstances that might result in a citation (such as illegal parking due to a flat tire or engine trouble) please contact the Security Office.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident on STC property, contact Security or Maintenance.  The Local Police Department will file an accident report that will be made available to your insurance company upon request.

Adopted: June 25, 2009
Reviewed: July 16, 2018; July 15, 2019; July 22, 2020;