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3.3.3.p. Procedure: Southeastern Technical College Use of Campus Facilities for Community Projects

Community Projects

It shall be the philosophy of Southeastern Technical College to participate in community projects.


The faculty and staff of Southeastern Technical College are encouraged to donate their time and efforts as individuals, or as members of an organized team, to assist community organizations whenever possible. If faculty and staff wish to participate in community activities/organizations that are not directly correlated with their job responsibilities during the normal business hours of the College, they must have the approval of their immediate supervisor and the President.

While Southeastern Technical College is supportive of community organizations and activities, direct monetary contributions to community non-profit organizations by the College is prohibited.

The College may co-sponsor community events and thereby donate the use of facilities and/or the utilization of equipment for community events held on the Vidalia or Swainsboro Campus.  Approval by the President must be received before facilities and/or equipment are utilized.  As a clarification, Southeastern Technical College does not lend property (tables, chairs, tents, etc.) to organizations or individuals.

It is permissible for Southeastern Technical College to purchase advertisements in programs for events conducted by non-profit organizations.

Adopted: June 25, 2009
Reviewed: July 16, 2018; July 15, 2019; July 22, 2020;