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3.3.7.p. Procedure: Southeastern Technical College Smoking/Smokeless Tobacco


Southeastern Technical College (STC) prohibits the use of tobacco products on any property owned, leased, or controlled by STC.

The use of tobacco products is widely accepted as a leading cause of avoidable death. The mortality and morbidity of tobacco use has adverse effects among tobacco users and non-users alike including respiratory disorders, heart disease, and various forms of cancer. Tobacco smoke contains 4,000-plus chemical compounds, more than 60 of which are known or suspected to cause cancer. People exposed to secondhand and thirdhand smoke and residue absorb nicotine and other toxic chemicals just as smokers do.

Because of the deleterious effects of tobacco use, STC has committed to tobacco-free campuses for the purpose of promoting a healthy environment for all persons, including faculty, students, staff, visitors, and others who come on campus at any of our locations.

The regulations of this STC policy are as follows:

  1. All STC campuses are tobacco-free environments. Tobacco use is prohibited inside and outside all buildings and parking lots and within any College vehicle or any vehicle operated by the College. This policy applies to all persons while on campus. The above may not use tobacco products to include cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, pipes, smokeless tobacco, or any other form of tobacco product.

  2. This policy is communicated through various sources, including but not limited to, new employee orientation, new student orientation, catalog/handbook, College policies, department meetings, newsletters, signage, and verbally.

  3. Campus sidewalks, streets, and adjacent neighboring property are not to be used as tobacco use areas.

  4. The monitoring and enforcement of the tobacco free workplace policy is the responsibility of all STC employees and students. Each member should consistently and politely bring any infraction of this policy to the attention of the person or persons observed violating this policy.


The following procedure will be used when dealing with student infractions of Southeastern Technical College's (STC) Smoking/Smokeless Tobacco Policy:

  1. The employee shall be courteous and polite in informing the student of the College's policy. After delivering a verbal warning, the student will be asked for their student identification. The employee will be responsible for emailing the information about the student to the Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA).

  2. If the VPSA identifies a student who has violated this policy twice, the VPSA will be responsible for sending the student a written warning (acknowledging) that if the problem continues, the student will be in danger of being fined or dismissed.

  3. If the VPSA identifies a student who has violated this policy for a third time, the VPSA will be responsible for placing a $10 fine on the student's account and notifying the student of the fine and the consequences of not paying it.

  4. If the VPSA identifies a student who has violated this policy for a fourth time, the VPSA will be responsible for suspending the student for one day. This is not an excused absence.

  5. If the VPSA identifies a student who has violated this policy for a fifth time, the VPSA will be responsible for dismissing the student for the remainder of the term. Students may receive a WF for courses not completed.


The following procedure shall be used when dealing with employee infractions of this policy:

  1. It is the responsibility of each STC employee to support and comply fully with the tobacco-free policy. If employees observe anyone using tobacco while on campus, he/she should politely inform the user of the tobacco-free policy. If the tobacco user is an employee and refuses to comply with the policy, the employee's supervisor will be notified.

  2. Failure of an employee to comply with this policy will result in progressive disciplinary action.


Visitors, vendors, contractors, and others not covered above will be reported to the department responsible for their presence on campus. Attempts should be made to remedy violations prior to contacting STC Security. In circumstances where departmental leadership is unable to get the offender to comply with this policy, STC Security will be contacted for assistance.

Adopted: March 24, 2011
Reviewed: June 14, 2017; June 18, 2018; June 15, 2020; June 21, 2021; June 22, 2022;
Revised: June 14, 2017;