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2.5.5.p. Procedure: Southeastern Technical College Public Complaint


Southeastern Technical provide accessible services, and offers excellent educational programs and quality services. The College recognizes that disagreements with the general public may sometimes arise and encourages the parties involved to resolve the conflict informally whenever possible. If a resolution cannot be reached, a formal process provides an impartial and equitable way to resolve those conflicts.

The intent of this process is to provide a systematic way in which to express and resolve misunderstandings, complaints, or grievances about dissatisfaction with College services.


The following procedure outlines the rights of members of the public to file informal and formal complaints against Southeastern Technical College (STC). It furthermore delineates STC procedure for responding to these complaints.

Definitions and Limitations

1.       Definitions.

a.       Verbal complaints are considered informal and the Procedure of Informal Complaints is to be followed.

b.      Written complaints received from the Complaint Form are considered formal and the Procedure for Formal Complaints is to be followed.

 2.       Limitation.  This procedure does not apply to the following appeals or grievances.  Procedures for these appeals or grievances are contained in other procedure statements:


a.       Academic grade appeal

b.      College Human Resource Procedures

c.       Any formal appeal or grievance covered by another TCSG or STC procedure (e.g., Code of Conduct, Financial Aid, Satisfactory Academic Progress, etc.)

d.      All other appeal and grievance procedures explicitly described in the TCSG Policy Manual

 3.       Procedure of Informal Complaints

a.       Informal (verbal) complaints--Members of the public are to be dealt with through a face-to-face discussion between the complainant and the responsible college administrator supervising the area.  If through this process a mutually satisfactory resolution of the complaint cannot be reached, the complainant may put the complaint in writing using the Complaint Form available from the College and move to the Procedure on Formal Complaints or the complaint will be considered inactive.

It is the responsibility of the administrator involved in an informal complaint to write a memorandum for the record detailing the nature of the complaint and the resolution.  The administrator is to retain such memoranda in a file accessible to his/her supervisor upon request.

 4.       Procedure for Formal Complaints

a.       The complainant obtains a Complaint Form from the Office of Student Affairs.

b.      The complainant completes the form and returns it to the Office of Student Affairs.

c.       The Vice President for Student Affairs will review the form and assign it to the appropriate division for response.

d.      Formal complaints by members of the public are to be dealt with by the responsible college administrator supervising an area. 

e.      The administrator handling the complaint is to gather information as necessary.  Information must be gathered from the complainant.

f.        A written response is to be sent to the complainant within 15 working days of receiving the Complaint Form from the Vice President for Student Affairs.

g.       If the complainant is not satisfied with the response, he/she may file a written appeal to the President within 10 calendar days of receiving the response.  In such cases, the President will gather information and provide a final written response to the complainant within 30 working days of receiving the appeal.

h.      The decision of the College President is final.

i.      The Vice President for Student Affairs will maintain a file of all public formal complaints and responses.

Exhibit: General Public Complaint Form

Adopted: November 21, 2011
Reviewed: August 15, 2016; August 16, 2017; August 20, 2018; August 19, 2019; August 10, 2020; August 16, 2021;