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2.1.2.p.2. Procedure: Southeastern Technical College Mission Statement with Review/Revision Process

Mission Statement:

Southeastern Technical College, a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia, provides an innovative, educational environment for student learning through traditional and distance education delivery methods focused on building a well-educated, globally competitive workforce for Southeastern Georgia.

The College fulfills its mission through:
  • associate degree, diploma, and technical certificate of credit programs;
  • adult education;
  • continuing education; and
  • customized training and services.

Review/Revision Process:

Southeastern Technical College (STC) involves the faculty, administration, occupational advisory committees, and the local Board of Directors in the annual review of its mission statement. First, it is reviewed by the College's administration. Each Vice President presents it at their divisional meeting. The faculty members then present it to their occupational advisory committees. It then goes to the Local Board of Directors. The purpose of this review is to assure that the institution is meeting its educational commitments and that the mission statement is accurate, complete, clear, and concise.

If changes to the mission statement are suggested, the College's administration will draft the revision; however, if major changes are recommended, it is forwarded to the Strategic Planning Advisory Group (SPAG) for review. After the revision is complete, the draft mission statement is sent to the Student Leadership Council for input. Once the draft is approved by the College's administration, it is referred to the faculty's occupational advisory committees and the College's Local Board of Directors for review. After this final local review, the mission statement is forwarded to the Office of the Technical College System of Georgia. It is then sent to the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia for review and approval.

At any point in the review process, the mission statement may be returned to the College's administration with recommendations for further modification. When the mission statement is sent to the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia for approval, the College's accrediting agency is notified. This review process ensures that a relevant mission statement is maintained which accurately describes the College's activities.

Exhibit: Southeastern Technical College Mission Review/Revision Process

Adopted: June 25, 2009
Reviewed: March 19, 2018; March 25, 2019; March 16, 2020; March 15, 2021; March 21, 2022;
Revised: March 08, 2017;