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3.3.4.p.2. Procedure: Southeastern Technical College Privacy Notice to Computer Users

1.0 Overview
Due to the technological revolution in the workplace, businesses such as Southeastern Technical College (STC) have turned to computer technology as the primary tool to use communicate, perform research, and accumulate information. As the number of users logging on to the college’s network at the school or by remote access has increased, so has the possibility of STC’s computer resources being mistreated; compromised; or experience unauthorized access, disclosure, destruction, modification, or loss. With easy access to STC’s Internet and network resources, it is very important that all end-users are aware of the expectation of privacy and the terms of use when using STC information systems.

2.0 Purpose
The purpose of this privacy notice is to alert information system end-users of the terms and conditions of use and inform them of the level of privacy they can expect when using STC information systems. This privacy notice is in place to protect STC as well as its employees, students, and guests.

3.0 Scope
This privacy notice applies to employees, students, contractors, consultants, temporaries, and other workers at STC, including all personnel affiliated with third parties. This privacy notice applies to all equipment that is owned or leased by STC.

4.0 Notice
Privacy Notice to Computer Users
This is a private computer system and is the property of Southeastern Technical College (STC). It is for authorized STC use only. Users [authorized or unauthorized] have no explicit or implicit expectation of privacy. Any or all uses of this system and all files on this system may be intercepted, monitored, recorded, copied, audited, inspected, and disclosed to authorized personnel of STC. By using this system, the user consents to such interception, monitoring, recording, copying, auditing, inspection, and disclosure at the discretion of authorized STC personnel. By using this system you agree to abide by the guidelines of the following STC policies: Computer Use Policy, E-mail Policy, and Remote Access Policy. Unauthorized or improper use of this system may result in administrative disciplinary action and/or civil and criminal penalties. By continuing to use this system you indicate your awareness of, and consent to, these terms and conditions of use. LOG OFF IMMEDIATELY if you do not agree to the conditions stated in this notice.

4.1 Authorized Personnel
Authorized STC personnel are defined as:

1. The Director of Information Technology

2. The Vice President for each Division

3. The President

4. Members of the IT Department staff under the explicit direction 1, 2, or 3

5.0 Enforcement
Abuse or misuse of computing/information technology services may violate this notice, but it may also violate criminal statutes. Therefore, STC will take appropriate action in response to user abuse or misuse of computing/information technology services. Action may include, but not necessarily limited to, the following:

1. Suspension or revocation of computing privileges. Access to all computing facilities and systems can, may, or will be, denied;

2. Reimbursement to Southeastern Tech for resources consumed;

3. Other legal action including action to recover damages;

4. Referral to law enforcement authorities;

5. Computer users (faculty, staff and/or students) will be referred to the appropriate office for disciplinary action.

6.0 Definitions




Any person using STC’s information systems and/or computers.

Adopted: June 25, 2009
Reviewed: August 15, 2016; September 15, 2016; September 18, 2017; March 19, 2018; March 25, 2019; March 16, 2020; March 15, 2021;