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4.7.1.p. Procedure: Southeastern Technical College STC Travel

Ground Transportation


  • If you are traveling less than 20 miles round trip, you will automatically receive the Tier 1 rate. No documentation needed.
  • If you are traveling to and from the other campus (Vidalia to Swainsboro or Swainsboro to Vidalia), you should attempt to secure a school-owned vehicle via the Vehicle Request Form, but you do not need to do the Cost Comparison. You must attach the email stating that no school-owned vehicle was available to get reimbursed at the Tier 1 rate.

  • If we see that the above two scenarios are being abused in order to frequently claim the Tier 1 rate, it will be reported to the employee’s immediate supervisor and VP.

    All other travel that does not fall under the above two scenarios:

  • Step1: Employees should attempt to secure an agency-owned vehicle 3 days prior to traveling. Employees must submit via the STC Intranet a Vehicle Request Form. The employee will fill in the travel information and click submit. Once the form is submitted, for Vidalia employees, the form will be emailed to Zelma Brown and Lynn Jackson. For Swainsboro employees, the form will be emailed to Ola Smith and Travis Akridge. The employee will receive an email stating whether or not a vehicle is available shortly after their form is submitted. The employee must attach this email to the travel reimbursement statement in order to be reimbursed at the Tier 1 rate. The email will have a date/time stamp and must be 3 business days prior to departure date.

  • Step 2: If no STC vehicle is available, the employee must log on to and use the cost comparison tool to determine if using a personal vehicle versus a rental vehicle would be most advantageous to STC. The State of Georgia has contracted with Enterprise Rent-a-Car to obtain very reasonable rates for state employee travel. After filling in the required information and calculations are done, add a $25 time and effort expense to the total. This will be the total you will use to determine which is more cost efficient for STC. Many times, the rental car is more economical than reimbursing employees for business miles traveled at the Tier 1 Rate.

  • Step 3: Once the cost comparison is completed, the employee should take appropriate action to secure the method of travel that is of the best value. The Enterprise locations are as follows:

  • Vidalia Enterise is
    1409 Harris Industrial Blvd. (inside of Horton’s Collision Center)
    Vidalia, GA 30474

  • Swainsboro Enterpre is
    365 E. Main St.
    Swainsboro, GA 30401

  • Step 4: The employee must attach this cost comparison and the email from Judy Hart or Kathy McCall for Vidalia or Ola Smith or Travis Akridge for Swainsboro dated at least 3 days prior to departure to the travel reimbursement statement as documentation if the employee uses his/her personal vehicle and requests reimbursement at the Tier 1 Rate. If these two documents are not attached, employees will be reimbursed at the Tier 2 rate. No exceptions.

  • Step 5: If the rental car is the best value and the employee chooses to travel using his/her personal vehicle, the mileage reimbursement rate will be at the Tier 2 Rate.

    For further information on in-state travel, visit the State Accounting Office’s website at, click on Travel, then State Travel Policy.

    For information on out-of-state travel, visit the GSA website at, click on the state to which you are traveling and it will return per diem rates for that state.

  • Adopted: May 01, 2015
    Reviewed: March 19, 2018; March 25, 2019; March 16, 2020; March 15, 2021;
    Revised: March 08, 2017; March 21, 2022;