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3.3.11.p. Procedure: Southeastern Technical College Severe Inclement Weather

If existing or imminent weather conditions are sufficiently severe to warrant not opening, opening late, or closing early a campus or work place, employees directly affected by such conditions will be excused from duty without loss of pay or use of leave.

As determined by the President, employees who are late in arriving to duty or request early release from duty due to severe weather conditions, when the work place has maintained normal operating hours, may be permitted to (1) Make up time lost from work, (2) charge it to accrued compensatory time, or (3) charge it to accrued annual leave. Otherwise, the time lost will count as leave without pay.

The President shall make the determination to close the facilities in case of severe inclement weather or other emergency conditions.

Should the College be forced to close due to inclement weather or other circumstances, faculty, staff, and students should consult the Catalog and Student Handbook for the list of media outlets that will be contacted:

Adopted: June 25, 2009
Reviewed: July 16, 2018; July 15, 2019; July 22, 2020;