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6.3.2.p.1. Procedure: Southeastern Technical College Archived Information

The archiving of official catalogs, digital or print, enables Southeastern Technical College (STC) to maintain relevant information of course and degree requirements sufficient to serve former and returning students. College catalog archives are used for historical reference and informational purposes. Information or policies within the archived catalogs, though accurate at the time of publication, may no longer be accurate and/or applicable, but rather are updated annually to preserve current information. Students admitted to the College are admitted under the “catalog-in-force” rule meaning the information published in the “catalog-in-force” is relevant to the student according to the date of admission.

STC publishes a new catalog prior to the beginning of each academic year in August. Once the new year’s catalog is published, the previous year’s catalog is archived. Printed copies of archived catalogs are retained by the Registrar’s Office and stored in a fireproof vault on the Main Campus in Vidalia. As referenced in the Technical College System of Georgia Procedure 6.3.2p (V.R.) TCSG Student Records Retention Schedule, catalogs are retained permanently.

Beginning with the year 2003 document, college catalogs are maintained electronically and backed up regularly to ensure long-term maintenance of the data and information. As a precautionary measure, electronic catalogs are also printed each year and retained in the fireproof vault on the Main Campus. The Registrar is responsible for maintaining the electronic and archival versions of the catalogs.

Former students who need access to catalog academic years prior to 2003 that are not available via the College website should contact the Registrar’s Office for assistance in obtaining needed information.


The Vice President for Student Affairs has the overall responsibility of ensuring this procedure is implemented.

Adopted: February 12, 2018
Reviewed: September 16, 2019; September 14, 2020; September 20, 2021;