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4.9.5.p. Procedure: Southeastern Technical College Staff Development

Introduction It is the philosophy of Southeastern Technical College (STC) to promote and support quality staff development opportunities for personnel. Each employee at Southeastern Technical College is required to participate in staff development activities. Faculty and administrative personnel are required to participate in a minimum of 50 hours of staff development annually while support staff must complete a minimum of 20. The Administration of STC has the authority to reduce the required number of staff development hours if the College experiences budget cuts due to allocation reductions or declines in local revenues.

Each employee must complete an annual staff development plan that is approved by the employee’s supervisor. All plans must be completed by April 30 each year. The annual performance evaluation shall be used to determine if the staff development plan was successfully completed.

Satisfactory completion of the annual staff development plan is a condition of continued employment. Extensions and/or modifications of the staff development plan are at the discretion of the supervisor. When staff development entails reimbursable travel expenses, the employee must submit a Professional Leave request via the electronic Leave Management System. Approval of staff development activities will be contingent upon the presence of an appropriate need and available resources.

Employees are not authorized to participate in staff development activities unless the activities are a part of an approved staff development plan.

No additional raises or compensation will be given for degree advancement unless the employee has written approval from the President.

Staff development is a planned and organized learning activity that results in improved job competencies and professional growth. Staff development is not an activity that is part of the normal job, ie. attending routine committee meetings, specific training on a piece of equipment, Technical College System of Georgia meetings.

Prior to making a commitment to participate in a staff development activity the employee must obtain authorization from their supervisor via the electronic Leave Management System by selecting Professional Leave and completing the location and cost section.

Employee eligibility for participation in individual training and development programs will be determined based on criteria set forth in TCSG’s Staff Development Procedure III.U.7.

Following completion of the staff development activity, the employee must complete the Staff Development Activity Form by providing a narrative assessment of the activity or other appropriate documentation.

Documentation of all staff development activities will be maintained by the College.

Suggested Activities

The five classifications of staff development activities are specialized study, technical study, in-service programs, Georgia Leadership Institute Training programs, and special training requirements. The guidelines for these types of activities can be found in TCSG’s Procedure III.U.7. Examples are: College courses, Southeastern Technical College courses, state or local activities, industry workshops or seminars, planned business/industry updates or other organized and structured activities. These could include the Faculty Development Institute, professional conferences, back to industry, professional readings and/or research, webinars, or instructing peers or colleagues in staff development.
Plan for New Employees

A new employee will complete a self assessment in the first six weeks of employment and a staff development plan will be prepared. Plans for newly employed instructors without prior teaching experience should focus on developing teaching skills. Plans for new support personnel should focus on job-related competencies.

Plan for Experienced Employees

Plans for experienced instructors should focus on professional development and improved teaching skills and job competencies. Plans for support personnel should focus on improved job competencies and professional growth.

Scheduling Activities

Staff development may take place at any time with approval of the supervisor. Activities for teaching faculty will normally be scheduled outside of class time and around registration responsibilities. Activities for administrative and support personnel will be scheduled around work responsibilities. Please note that some activities may be required by the supervisor or the Technical College System of Georgia. Participation in credit or non-credit classes toward a certificate, diploma, or degree requires that leave be taken for classes attended during working hours.

Hours Required

All employees are encouraged to develop themselves as fully as possible. Therefore, some plans will far exceed the minimum hours required. The supervisor and the employee will determine the number of hours appropriate for an individual's plan. Minimum hours required for instructional and administrative employees are 50. Support personnel with non-exempt status must complete 20 hours and will participate in staff development activities during regular work periods as approved by their supervisors. It is the supervisor's responsibility to assist with the scheduling of these activities.



Minimum Hours



Support Staff




Degree Programs

Degree programs may be considered for inclusion in the employee's staff development plan. When this is desired, the employee should develop a program of work for the entire degree program and present this to the administration for approval prior to any commitment by the employee to participate in the program as a staff development activity.

Personnel will not be reimbursed for tuition or related expenses for course work which is part of a degree program. Personnel will not be granted time away from work to pursue a degree.  

Specialized Study and Technical Study Programs

If an employee has received prior approval from his or her supervisor to enroll in credit or non-credit classes at Southeastern Technical College or at another technical college as staff development, any expenses not paid by financial aid will be covered by STC as a staff development expense if the course is successfully completed.  The class taken must be clearly related to the employee's job or career in the organization and must be successfully completed to be considered staff development.

Changes in Plan

Changes in the initial plan will be made with the approval of the supervisor. Requests for changes should be made on the activity report prior to the participation in the activity. Changes will be reflected on the staff development plan.


All expected expenses (travel, registration fee, etc.) must be estimated and indicated on the Staff Development Annual Plan. Each amount requested should include justification. Reimbursement for expenses will depend upon the availability of funds and the nature of the activity. In all instances, employees should obtain authorization for staff development activities prior to obligating themselves for any related expenses. Unapproved expenses will not be reimbursed.

Current Staff Development Annual Plan

At the time the evaluation is reviewed with the employee, a copy of the completed, current year Staff Development Annual Plan along with all original activity forms and supporting documentation will be submitted to the evaluating supervisor. The supervisor will forward all documents to the appropriate Vice President. Upon approval, the Vice President will submit these documents to the Human Resources office by May 1.

New Staff Development Annual Plan

At the time the evaluation is reviewed with the employee or a new employee is hired, a new Staff Development Annual Plan should be developed and sent to the evaluating supervisor. The new Staff Development Annual Plan will be submitted to the appropriate Vice President for final approval. The Vice President, upon approval, will electronically send a copy to the employee and the Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness.

Exhibit: Southeastern Technical College Staff Development Activity Form
Exhibit: Southeastern Technical College Staff Development Annual Plan Form

Adopted: June 25, 2009
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