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5.1.1.p. Procedure: Southeastern Technical College Faculty Responsibilities for Academic and Governance Matters

Southeastern Technical College faculty will give input into the academic and governance matters of the college through a variety of ways. The faculty’s academic responsibilities are listed in the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) Technical Instructor Job Description. This job description outlines the duties and charges expected of faculty teaching at the technical colleges statewide. Additionally, individual faculty responsibilities are detailed in each faculty member’s Performance Management Form (PMF) developed by both the faculty member and their respective Dean of Instruction.

Southeastern Technical College’s faculty are expected to be involved in the development and revision of program curriculum through the Instructional Faculty Consortium Committee (IFCC). The IFCC groups meet at least twice a year to make certain all program curricula are current with today’s industry standards.

Faculty will participate in governance matters through their membership on Southeastern Technical College’s committees. Committee members will be rotated to ensure all interested faculty members are given the chance to serve on a college-wide committee.   A list of active committees and their main functions are listed below:
Advisory Committees - Advisory committees advise and assist in program planning, development, and evaluation. Faculty members serve as ex-officio members.

College Calendar Committee - Committee meets as needed to develop the annual calendars for the College and to ensure enough academic days are allotted for a semester.

Faculty Consortia - The faculty, through the Instructional Faculty Consortium Committee (IFCC) process, continually update course curriculum and reference materials through peer group meetings.

Faculty Council – The faculty, with representatives from all campuses, meet to review and make recommendations regarding academic policies, plans, and processes.

The Institutional Effectiveness Reviewers (TIER) - The TIER meets as needed to review surveys, analyze results and other factors affecting the surveys, and make recommendations for improvements of data collection and reports. The TIER focuses on what assessment tools will improve student learning and services.

Instructional Health, Safety, and Lab Management Committee - Reviews procedures and offers input into safety and emergency preparedness for all campus locations.

Marketing Committee - Determines marketing needs for the school.

Retention Committee - Meets periodically to discuss strategies to improve retention of students.

Safety Committee - Responsible for the development and revision of the Southeastern Technical College Safety Plan.

Strategic Planning Advisory Group (SPAG) Committee - Responsible for the annual review and revision of the Strategic Plan. The committee drafts revisions and presents them to all stakeholders as governed by the Strategic Plan Review Cycle.

Technology Task Force - Plans for and promotes the integration of technology to support educational programs and service units of the College.

Website Committee - Plans and implements activities related to the College’s website design and structure.
Southeastern Technical College has also developed an annual calendar which lists all college policies, procedures, manuals, and surveys, as well as the date they will be reviewed. All faculty are encouraged to examine these documents and to submit any suggestions for changes to their respective Dean/Director, Faculty Council member, or to the Vice President for Academic Affairs before the review date.

Faculty will utilize the Academic Affairs or Faculty Council meetings to give their views on division or institutional issues. Any suggestions made by a faculty or staff member will be brought before the Faculty Council for discussion and action. The Faculty Council may vote to make recommendations to the Executive Council and any action taken on an issue will be communicated to the faculty and staff and will be noted in the Executive Council minutes.

The Southeastern Technical College Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis to discuss issues pertinent to the College. The meeting is open to the public and the meeting schedule is located on the College website.

Finally, faculty responsibilities for academic and governance matters are summarized in the Southeastern Technical College Faculty Handbook. This Handbook contains important information with which all faculty must become familiar.

Link: Technical Instructor Job Description
Link: Instructional Faculty Consortium Committee (IFCC)

Adopted: June 25, 2009
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