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6.2.1.p.3. Procedure: Southeastern Technical College Learning Support


Students who are required to enroll in learning support courses have demonstrated deficiency in areas of math, English, or reading. Likewise, it is reasoned that the student would benefit from developing study skills, which will improve their chances for success within the occupational program.


Students who post Compass scores of 14 or below in writing, 48 or below in reading, or 18 or below in math will be required to complete remediation at the Adult Learning Center along with making the required score on the Compass exam before progressing to the next level.

All other students placed in learning support courses will be required to complete an individualized learning pathway in order to prepare for program-level courses. Learning pathways will be established utilizing electronic resources and will be unique for each student. Students will be required to achieve minimum scores necessary to exit those modules that constitute their learning pathways in order to exit learning support and progress into credit courses for their majors.

Adopted: June 25, 2009
Reviewed: August 20, 2018; August 19, 2019; August 10, 2020; August 16, 2021;