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6.8.1.p. Procedure: Southeastern Technical College Field Trips


Southeastern Technical College encourages field trips as an important component of a student'’s educational experience when out-of-classroom experience is appropriate.

Field trips should be designed and planned for enrichment of students in their course of study and should be closely correlated with classroom instruction. As part of their regular course of study a student shall not bear any financial burden for participating in a field trip excluding meals, refreshments, or personal items.

In order to ensure that provision is made for maximum learning, the orderly progression of educational programs, and the safety of participants during field trip activities, the following regulations have been established. In addition, to minimize the risk of liability, not only must all employees exercise prudence and good judgment in the management of all field trip activities, they shall also be bound by the requirements and limitations of all aspects of this procedure.

“Field trip” is defined as a class related trip or student activity that takes place away from the regular classroom location and involves the class or group as a whole (as opposed to clinicals, externships, and internships that are individually arranged). The following procedures are intended to assist faculty, staff, students, and volunteers in planning and preparing for health, safety, and risk management issues related to field trips.

Field Trip Approval

Request for field trip activities must have prior approval to determine relationship to learning goals and budget availability.  A Field Trip Request Form should be submitted to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for approval at least one week in advance of the activity. Field trip participants must be covered by accident insurance. All students must have completed and signed an Assumption of Risk, Agreement to Abide by Code of Conduct, Release of Liability, and Limited Medical Authorization form prior to participating in college sponsored field trips. Students should also be given a Field Trip Conditions of Participation Form. All participants must also complete a Health Disclosure Form. Completed forms should be submitted to the Vice President of the respective>
Fiscal and Academic Responsibility

Transportation, lodging, and college-funded meals will be obtained at the lowest cost compatible with safety and security. Event-sponsored lodging and food will be used to the maximum extent possible. Activities will be planned with the academic purpose of the trip given utmost consideration.

Preparations for Field Trips

A faculty member planning field trips as a course requirement should include that fact both in the schedule of classes and on the course syllabus given to students the first day of classes so that students will understand that field trips are part of the course’'s learning methodology.  The faculty member should also explain in the syllabus the learning objectives of the field trips.

Missed Classes as a Result of Field Trips

Instructors and college personnel initiating field trips will have supervisory responsibilities of the students. Students are required to make up any class work missed for assigned classes during their absence.

The sponsoring faculty/staff member should remind students that if they will miss classes or work study duties because of the trip, they must contact their instructors and supervisors at least one week in advance. When a conflict occurs, the two faculty/staff members need to reach a resolution to the problem and communicate that resolution to the student. Although, instructors and supervisors are encouraged to cooperate in supporting field trips, the decision of whether or not to approve an absence and makeup work for an individual student rests with each supervisor or instructor affected by the absence.

Student Accident Insurance

All students enrolled at Southeastern Technical College are covered by student accident insurance. Questions regarding student accident insurance should be directed to the Personnel Office at Southeastern Technical College.


College Vehicles

An approved field trip activity entitles the instructor or faculty advisor to request a College vehicle for travel. Requests will be granted on an availability basis. Only employees of the College may drive College vehicles. Students are prohibited from driving their personal vehicles.

Property and Vehicle Coverage

Vehicles are insured by a State of Georgia policy. The insurance company should be contacted at the time of the accident regardless of the extent of injury or damage. Insurance identification cards are kept in the notebook for each vehicle that provides contact information and procedures to follow in the event of an accident.

Personal Vehicles

Absent extraordinary circumstances, no personal vehicles shall be used by any college personnel for the transporting of students on field trips. Students shall be discouraged from transporting other students on field trips and shall be prohibited from doing so if travel is a component of the field trip.

Alcoholic Beverages

No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances shall be transported in a State or private vehicle at any time.

Emergency Information

Participant Information:  The participant's closest relative or other contact person with address and telephone number must be available in case of emergency. Each participant on the trip should complete a Health Disclosure form.

A faculty/staff member who leads a field trip must have a completed health form for all field trip participants (including drivers and instructors), regardless of the duration of the field trip. Health forms should be kept with the first aid kit. Health forms should be submitted in a sealed envelope with his/her name on the envelope. This information should only be reviewed in the event of an emergency. Health forms must be returned to the student at the end of the field trip.

Reporting an Emergency

Report emergencies during the day to the college through this number: 912-538-3100. After hours, report emergencies to the VP of Administrative Affairs at a contact number to be provided at the time of field trip approval. In the case of accidents, follow the guidelines as outlined on the State insurance card.

Vehicle accidents should also be reported in accordance with local requirements. Affected employees are asked to cooperate with local law enforcement authorities. Matters relating to insurance coverage, however, should not be discussed with anyone except an authorized agent of the college’'s insurance company. All questions regarding insurance should be directed to the VP of Administrative Affairs. Upon returning to campus, the driver of the vehicle must complete an Accident Report form that can be obtained from the Office of Administrative Affairs.

Code of Conduct

During field trips, student will conduct themselves properly at all times and adhere to all the regulations of the College.

Records Maintenance

The responsible faculty/staff member or director will maintain all field trip records (transportation and lodging arrangements and receipts, waiver forms incident reports, etc) for a minimum time period until all reimbursements and invoices have been paid and any incidents or investigations resulting from the trip have been completed. For any reportable incident that required the attention of the office of the President, the Vice President for Student Affairs will retain the file indefinitely.

Exhibit: Southeastern Technical College Field Trips Request Form
Exhibit: Southeastern Technical College Field Trip Conditions of Participation
Exhibit: Southeastern Technical College Health Disclosure Form
Exhibit: Southeastern Technical College Assumption of Risk, Agreement to Abide by Code of Conduct, Release of Liability, and Limited Medical Authorization

Adopted: June 25, 2009
Reviewed: June 14, 2017; June 18, 2018; June 21, 2021; June 22, 2022;