Technical College System of Georgia
State Board Policies and
 TCSG & STC Procedures Manual
July 1, 2016

Table of Contents

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Southeastern Technical College adheres to the policies, procedures, and guidelines developed by the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia (SBTCSG).
STC develops procedures to ensure specific methods are employed to express TCSG policies in day-to-day operations.
STC Procedures Revised to Align with TCSG Effective July 1, 2016

1. Introduction

1.1. Policy: TCSG Policy Development, Approval and Review

1.1.p. Procecure: TCSG Policy Development, Approval and Review

1.1.p.1. : TCSG O.C.G.A. Powers of Board

1.1.p.2. : TCSG O.C.G.A. TCSG Powers and Duties
2. Mission and System of Governance

2.1. State Board

2.1.1. Policy: TCSG Statement of Equal Opportunity

2.1.1.p. Procedure: TCSG Statement of Equal Opportunity

2.1.1.p. Procedure: STC Statement of Equal Opportunity

2.1.2. Policy: TCSG Mission Statement

2.1.2.p.1. Procedure: STC Vision Statement and Strategic Goals

2.1.2.p.2. Procedure: STC Mission Statement with Review/Revision Process

2.1.3. Policy: TCSG State Board Responsibilities and Authority

2.1.4. Policy: TCSG State Board Bylaws

2.1.5. Policy: TCSG Compensation and Expenses

2.1.6. Policy: TCSG Ethical Responsibilities

2.1.7. Policy: TCSG President Emeriti

2.1.7.p. Procedure: TCSG President Emeritus Designation

2.1.8. Policy: TCSG Naming of Buildings, Grounds or Programs

2.1.8.p. Procedure: TCSG Naming of Buildings, Grounds or Programs

2.2. Office of the Commissioner

2.2.1. Policy: TCSG Commissioner Responsibilities and Authority

2.2.2. Policy: TCSG Agency Strategic Planning

2.3. Technical Colleges

2.3.1. Policy: TCSG Employment of Presidents

2.3.1.p. Procedure: TCSG Employment of Presidents

2.3.2. Policy: TCSG Responsibilities and Authority of Technical College Presidents

2.3.2.p. Procedure: TCSG Presidential Responsibilities

2.3.3. Policy: TCSG College Strategic Planning

2.3.3.p. Procedure: TCSG College Strategic Planning

2.3.3.p. Exhibit: STC STC Strategic Plan

2.3.4. Policy: TCSG Technical College Accreditation

2.3.4.p. Procedure: STC Accreditation

2.3.5. Policy: TCSG Technical College Substantive Change Reporting

2.3.5.p. Procedure: STC SACSCOC Substantive Change Notification

2.3.6. Policy: TCSG Accreditation Reporting Standards

2.3.6.p. Procedure: STC Accreditation Reporting Standards

2.4. Local Boards

2.4.1. Policy: TCSG Local Board Responsibilities and Authority

2.4.1. Procedure: STC Local Board Responsibilities and Authority

2.4.1. Exhibit: STC Local Board Bylaws

2.4.3.p. Procedure: TCSG Compensation and Expenses

2.4.4.p. Procedure: TCSG Local Board Member Emeritus

2.4.5.p. Procedure: TCSG Approving Technical College Local Board Members

2.5. Community Relations

2.5.2.p. Procedure: STC Advertising and Distribution of Materials by Non-College Entities

2.5.3.p. Procedure: STC Solicitation

2.5.4.p. Procedure: STC Visitors

2.5.5.p. Procedure: STC Public Complaint

2.5.6.p. Procedure: STC Communication with the Media

2.5.7.p. Procedure: STC Freedom of Expression
3. Administration

3.1. Budget & Accounting

3.1.1. Policy: TCSG Financial Overview

3.1.2. Policy: TCSG Annual Budget Requests and Operating Budgets

3.1.2.p. Procedure: STC Budget Planning

3.1.3. Policy: TCSG Transfer of Funds Among Technical Colleges

3.1.4. Policy: TCSG Accounting System

3.1.4.p.1. Exhibit: STC Business Procedures Manual

3.1.4.p.2. Procedure: STC Loss of Property

3.1.4.p.3. Procedure: STC Unclaimed Property

3.1.5. Policy: TCSG Contract Management

3.1.6. Policy: TCSG Payroll System

3.1.7. Policy: TCSG Enterprise Funds

3.1.8. Policy: TCSG Audits

3.1.8.p. Procedure: TCSG State Board Audit Resolution Process

3.1.9. Policy: TCSG Bank Accounts

3.1.10. Policy: TCSG Petty Cash Funds

3.1.11. Policy: TCSG Georgia Sales and Use Tax

3.1.12. Policy: TCSG Cooperative Nonprofit Organizations

3.1.12.p. Procedure: STC Cooperative Nonprofit Organizations

3.1.13. Policy: TCSG Personal Checks

3.1.13.p. Procedure: TCSG Debt Collection Contract - College's Unpaid Debt

3.1.14. Policy: TCSG Indirect Cost Rate

3.1.16. Policy: TCSG Purchasing

3.1.16.p. Procedure: STC Purchasing

3.1.16.p.1. Procedure: TCSG Purchasing Bond-Funded Goods & Services

3.1.16.p.2. Procedure: TCSG Purchasing Non-Bond-Funded Goods & Services

3.2. Copyright

3.2.1. Policy: TCSG Intellectual Property

3.2.1.p. Procedure: STC Intellectual Property

3.2.2.p. Procedure: TCSG Development of Patentable/Devices or Copyrightable Materials/Media by TCSG/College Personnel or Students

3.2.3.p. Procedure: TCSG HEOA P2P Unauthorized File Sharing Prevention Compliance

3.3. Operations

3.3.1. Policy: TCSG Maintenance for Campus Facilities

3.3.1.p. Procedure: STC Traffic and Parking

3.3.1.p. Procedure: STC Food and Drink

3.3.1.p. Procedure: STC Litter

3.3.1.p. Procedure: STC Student Snack Bar and Student Center

3.3.2. Policy: TCSG Use of Vehicles

3.3.2.p. Procedure: TCSG DOAS Motor Pool

3.3.2.p. Procedure: STC Use of College Vehicles

3.3.3. Policy: TCSG Use of Campus Facilities

3.3.3.p. Procedure: STC Use of Campus Facilities for Community Projects

3.3.3.p. Procedure: STC Use of Auditorium Facilities

3.3.4.p. Procedure: TCSG Acceptable Computer and Internet Use

3.3.4.p.1. Procedure: STC Computer Use

3.3.4.p.2. Procedure: STC Privacy Notice to Computer Users

3.3.4.p.3. Procedure: STC Remote Access

3.3.4.p.4. Procedure: STC Email

3.3.5. Policy: TCSG Use of Telecommunications Equipment

3.3.5.p. Procedure: STC Controlling Usage of Telecommunications Equipment

3.3.6. Policy: TCSG Alcohol on Campus

3.3.6.p. Procedure: TCSG Use of Alcoholic Beverages on Campus

3.3.6.p. Procedure: STC Use of Alcoholic Beverages on Campus

3.3.7. Policy: TCSG Tobacco Use

3.3.7.p. Procedure: STC Smoking/Smokeless Tobacco

3.3.8. Policy: TCSG Records Management

3.3.9. Policy: TCSG Inventory Management

3.3.9.p. Procedure: STC Inventory Management

3.3.10. Policy: TCSG Firearms, Weapons, and Explosives

3.3.10.p. Procedure: STC Firearms, Weapons, and Explosives

3.3.11. Policy: TCSG Severe Inclement Weather

3.3.11.p. Procedure: TCSG Severe Inclement Weather

3.3.11.p. Procedure: STC Severe Inclement Weather

3.3.12. Policy: TCSG Real Property Acquisitions and Leases

3.3.13.p. Procedure: TCSG Business Email Archiving, Retention, and Investigation Procedure

3.3.14.p. Procedure: TCSG Open Records Requests

3.3.15. Policy: TCSG Environmental Protection

3.3.16.p. Procedure: TCSG Identifty Theft Prevention

3.4. Emergency Preparedness

3.4.1. Policy: TCSG Emergency Preparedness, Health, Safety and Security

3.4.1.p.1. Procedure: TCSG Emergency Operations Plan

3.4.1.p.1. Exhibit: STC Safety and Security Manual

3.4.1.p.1. Exhibit: STC Emergency Operations Plan

3.4.1.p.2. Procedure: TCSG Business Continuity Plan

3.4.1.p.2. Exhibit: STC Business Continuity Plan

3.4.1.p.3. Procedure: TCSG Exposure Control Plan

3.4.1.p.3. Exhibit: STC : STC Exposure Control Plan

3.4.1.p.4. Procedure: TCSG Hazard Communication Program Plan and Hazardous Chemical Inventory

3.4.1.p.4. Exhibit: STC Hazard Communication Program Plan

3.4.1.p.5. Procedure: TCSG Clery Act Compliance

3.4.1.p.5. Procedure: STC Use of Force

3.4.1.P.6. Procedure: TCSG Mutual Aid
4. Human Resources

4.1. Employment Guidelines and Processes

4.1.1. Policy: TCSG Recruiting and Hiring

4.1.1.p.1. Procedure: TCSG Recruitment

4.1.1.p.1. Procedure: STC Recruitment and Hiring

4.1.1.p.2. Procedure: TCSG Intrasystem Recruitment

4.1.1.p.2. Procedure: STC Faculty, Administrator, and Staff Qualifications

4.1.1.p.3. Procedure: TCSG Interviewing and Selection Guidelines

4.1.2. Policy: TCSG Verifying Employment Eligibility

4.1.2.p. Procedure: TCSG Verifying Employment Eligibility

4.1.3. Policy: TCSG Job Descriptions

4.1.4.p. Procedure: TCSG Categories of Employment

4.1.5. Policy: TCSG Verification of Employment

4.1.6. Policy: TCSG Employment Contracts

4.1.6.p. Procedure: TCSG Employment Contracts

4.1.7. Policy: TCSG Personnel Files

4.1.7.p. Procedure: TCSG Collection, Retention and Release of Employment Records

4.1.7.P. Procedure: STC Official Personnel Files

4.1.8. Policy: TCSG Instructional Staff Work Assignments

4.1.8. Procedure: TCSG Instructional Staff Work Assignments

4.1.8.p. Procedure: STC Instructional Staff Work Assignments

4.1.9. Policy: TCSG Background Investigations

4.1.9.p. Procedure: TCSG Background Investigations

4.1.10. Policy: TCSG Reduction in Force

4.1.10.p. Procedure: TCSG Reduction in Force

4.2. Work Hours and Schedules

4.2.1. Policy: TCSG Working Hours, Overtime, and Compensatory Time

4.2.1.p. Procedure: TCSG Working Hours, Overtime, and Compensatory Time

4.2.2. Policy: TCSG Official Business Hours and Work Schedules

4.2.2.p.1. Procedure: TCSG Official Business Hours and Work Schedules

4.2.2.p.2. Procedure: TCSG Telework and Alternate Work Locations

4.3. Employee Ethics and Standards of Conduct

4.3.1.p. Procedure: TCSG Unlawful Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation in Employment

4.3.1.p.2. Procedure: TCSG Employee Sexual Harassment Prevention Procedure

4.3.2. Policy: TCSG Ethics and Standards of Conduct for Employees

4.3.2.p.1. Proc: TCSG Ethical Responsibilities of Employees

4.3.2.p.2. Procedure: TCSG Consensual Relations

4.3.2.p.3. Procedure: TCSG Gifts, Honoraria, and Expenses

4.3.2.p.4. Procedure: TCSG Standards of Business Conduct

4.3.2.p.5. Proc: TCSG Political Activities and Election Campaigns

4.3.2.p.6. Proc: TCSG Other Employment Procedure

4.3.2.p.7. Proc: TCSG Children in the Workplace

4.3.3.p. Procedure: TCSG Workplace Violence

4.3.4. Policy: TCSG Employment of Relatives

4.4. Employee Performance Management

4.4.1. Policy: TCSG Positive Discipline

4.4.1.p. Procedure: TCSG Positive Discipline

4.4.2.p. Procedure: TCSG Adverse Employment Actions

4.4.3. Policy: TCSG Employee Complaint Resolution Policy

4.4.3.p. Procedure: TCSG Employee Complaint Resolution Procedure

4.4.4. Policy: TCSG Performance Management

4.4.4.p. Procedure: TCSG Performance Management

4.4.4.p.2. Procedure: STC Performance Evaluation

4.5. Employee Leave

4.5.1.p. Procedure: TCSG Family and Medical Leave Act Leave

4.5.2. Policy: TCSG Leave

4.5.2.p.1. Procedure: TCSG Miscellaneous Leave

4.5.2.p.2. Procedure: TCSG Leave Donation

4.5.2.p.3. Procedure: TCSG Court Leave

4.5.2.p.4. Procedure: TCSG Annual, Sick, and Personal Leave

4.5.2.p.5. Procedure: TCSG Authorized and Contingent Leaves of Absence Without Pay

4.5.2.p.6. Procedure: TCSG Military Leave

4.5.3. Policy: TCSG Holidays

4.5.3.p. Procedure: TCSG Holidays

4.5.3.p. Procedure: STC Holidays

4.6. Employee Medical Program

4.6.1. Policy: TCSG Medical and Physical Examination Program

4.6.1.p. Procedure: TCSG Medical and Physical Examination Program (MAPEP)

4.6.2.p. Procedure: TCSG Reasonable Accommodations in Employment

4.7. Employee Travel

4.7.1. Policy: TCSG Travel

4.7.1.p. Procedure: STC STC Travel

4.7.2. Procedure: TCSG Driver Qualification

4.7.2.p. Procedure: STC Driver Qualification

4.8. Drug/Alcohol Free Workplace

4.8.1. Policy: TCSG Drug-Free Workplace

4.8.1.p.1. Procedure: TCSG Drug and Alcohol Testing: Non-U.S. DOT and FMCSA Regulated Positions

4.8.1.p.2. Procedure: TCSG Drug Testing: U.S. DOT and FMCSA Regulated Positions

4.9. Employee Compensation and Related Benefits

4.9.1. Policy: TCSG Retirement

4.9.1.p. Procedure: TCSG Retirement

4.9.2. Policy: TCSG Flexible Benefits Programs

4.9.3. Policy: TCSG Tuition Remission and Reimbursement for Approved Staff Development

4.9.4.p. Procedure: TCSG Employee Assistance Program

4.9.5. Policy: TCSG Staff Development

4.9.5.p. Procedure: TCSG Staff Development Procedures

4.9.5.p. Procedure: STC Professional Development

4.9.6. Policy: TCSG Defense and Indemnification

4.9.6.p. Procedure: TCSG Defense and Indemnification

4.9.7. Policy: TCSG Payroll Deductions

4.9.7.p. Procedure: TCSG Payroll Deductions

4.9.8.p. Procedure: TCSG Direct Deposit of Pay

4.9.9. Policy: TCSG Workers' Compensation and Return to Work

4.9.9.p. Procedure: TCSG Workers' Compensation - Reporting an Accident

4.9.10. Policy: TCSG Promotions
5. Academic Affairs

5.1. Academic Administration

5.1.1.p. Procedure: TCSG Academic Freedom

5.1.1.p. Procedure: STC Academic Freedom

5.1.1.p. Procedure: STC Faculty Responsibilities for Academic and Governance Matters

5.1.1.p. Procedure: STC Faculty Council Procedure: STC Satisfactory Academic Progress

5.1.2. Policy: TCSG General Program and Program Specific Standards

5.1.2.p. Procedure: TCSG Business Affiliation Agreements

5.1.2.p. Procedure: STC Class Schedules

5.1.3. Policy: TCSG Technical Advisory Committees

5.1.3.p. Procedure: STC Advisory Committees

5.1.4. Policy: TCSG Service Delivery Areas

5.1.5. Policy: TCSG Technical College Calendars

5.1.5.p. Procedure: STC Calendar

5.1.6. Policy: TCSG Structure of Associate Degree, Diploma, and Technical Certificate of Credit Programs

5.1.6.p. Procedure: TCSG Structure of Associate Degree, Diploma, and Technical Certificate of Credit Programs

5.1.6.p.1. Procedure: STC Credit Hours

5.1.6.p.2. Procedure: STC Online and Blended Course Credit Hour Assignment

5.1.6.p.3. Procedure: STC Proctoring

5.1.6.p.4. Procedure: STC Distance Education Student Privacy

5.1.7. Policy: TCSG Warranty of Degree, Diploma, and Technical Certificate of Credit Graduates

5.1.7.p. Procedure: TCSG Claim Report Procedures

5.1.8. Policy: TCSG Articulation and Transfer

5.1.8.p. Procedure: TCSG Articulation and Transfer

5.1.8.p.1. Procedure: STC Advanced Placement

5.1.9. Policy: TCSG Program Approval and Termination

5.1.9.p. Procedure: TCSG Approval and Termination Procedures

5.1.9.p.1. Procedure: STC Adding, Deleting, and Revising Programs

5.1.10. Policy: TCSG College Campuses

5.1.10.p. Procedure: TCSG College Campuses

5.1.10.p.1. Procedure: STC Library Materials Selection

5.1.11. Policy: TCSG Live Work Projects

5.1.11.p. Procedure: TCSG Live Work Projects

5.1.11. Exhibit: STC Live Work Projects

5.2. Non-Credit Programs

5.2.1. Policy: TCSG Non-Credit Instruction

5.2.1.p. Procedure: STC Non-Credit Instruction

5.2.2. Policy: TCSG Quick Start

5.2.3. Policy: TCSG Programs for Adult Literacy

5.2.4. Policy: TCSG General Education Development (GED) Testing and Diplomas

5.3. Academic Governance

5.3.1. Policy: TCSG Academic Governance

5.3.1.p. Procedure: TCSG Academic Governance
6. Student Affairs

6.1. Student Equity

6.1.1. Policy: TCSG Unlawful Harassment and Discrimination of Students

6.1.1.p.1. Procedure: TCSG Unlawful Harassment and Discrimination of Students

6.1.2.p. Procedure: TCSG Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy

6.2. Admissions

6.2.1. Policy: TCSG Admissions

6.2.1.p. Procedure: TCSG Admissions Requiements

6.2.1.p.1. Procedure: STC Attendance

6.2.1.p.2. Procedure: STC Uniforms

6.2.1.p.3. Procedure: STC Learning Support

6.2.1.p.4. Procedure: STC Assessment

6.2.2. Policy: TCSG Residency

6.2.2.p. Procedure: TCSG Residency

6.3. Student Records

6.3.1. Policy: TCSG Student Records

6.3.1.p.1. Procedure: TCSG Student Records Procedures

6.3.1.p.1. Procedure: STC Student Records

6.3.1.p.2. Procedure: TCSG Definition of Directory Information

6.3.2.p. Procedure: TCSG Student Records Retention Schedule

6.3.2.p.1. Procedure: STC Archived Information

6.4. Student Life

6.4.1. Policy: TCSG Student Handbooks

6.4.1.p. Procedure: TCSG Summary of Student Notification Requirements

6.4.2. Policy: TCSG Student Housing

6.4.2.p. Procedure: TCSG Residence Hall Room Entry and Search

6.4.3. Policy: TCSG National Emergencies

6.4.3.p. Procedure: TCSG National Emergencies

6.5. Student Academics

6.5.1. Policy: TCSG Academic Standards, Evaluations, and Appeals

6.5.1.p. Procedure: TCSG Academic Standards, Evaluations and Appeals

6.5.2. Policy: TCSG Student Grade Point Average

6.5.2.p. Procedure: TCSG Student Grade Point Average

6.5.2.p.1. Procedure: STC Grade Point Average

6.5.3. Procedure: TCSG Student Grievances

6.6. Student Finances

6.6.1. Policy: TCSG Student Tuition and Fees

6.6.1.p. Procedure: TCSG Student Tuition and Fees

6.6.1.p.1. Procedure: STC Student Tuition and Fees

6.6.1.p.2. Procedure: STC College Books and Supplies

6.6.2. Policy: TCSG Student Activity Fund

6.6.2.p. Procedure: TCSG Student Activity Fund

6.6.3.p. Procedure: TCSG Student Organizations/Club Accounts

6.6.3.p. Procedure: STC Fund Raising for Student Activities and Clubs

6.6.4. Policy: TCSG Satisfactory Academic Progress

6.7. Student Conduct

6.7.1. Policy: TCSG Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act

6.7.2.p.1. Procedure: TCSG Student Disciplinary

6.7.2.p.2. Procedure: TCSG Model Student Conduct Codes

6.7.2.p.2i. Exhibit: STC Conduct Complaint Form

6.7.2.p.2. Procedure: STC Student Conduct Code

6.8. Student Activities

6.8.1. Policy: TCSG Field Trips

6.8.1.p. Procedure: TCSG Field Trips

6.8.1.p. Procedure: STC Field Trips

6.8.2. Policy: TCSG Student Accident Insurance

6.8.3. Policy: TCSG Student Athletics

6.8.3.p. Procedure: TCSG Student Athletics